NPA refutes planting bombs in Davao; scoffs US-Duterte regime for whipping terror hysteria

Clearly out to whip up terror hysteria to justify the prolonged martial law in Mindanao and its eventual expansion in the entire country, the US-Duterte regime and the spin doctors of Task Force Davao on Thursday claimed that they found an improvised explosive device supposedly belonging to the NPA in Brgy. Lasang, Davao City.

The Regional Operations Command of the NPA in Southern Mindanao condemns this highly treacherous yet rehashed publicity stunt that bears resemblance to the Marcos eraís anti-communist hysteria. The elaborate storyline, as told by the inventive TFD Commander Col. Nolasco Mempin, vainly pins its hope that the people of Davao City will go along with such ridiculous scare tactic obviously culled from the US counter-insurgency and war on terror handbooks.

However, the masses in Davao City are not fooled by this recent delirious and desperate attempt of the AFP to foment an atmosphere of terror conveniently at a time when the equally fascist Davao City reactionary government is set to conduct the so-called ìSouthern Stormî simulation exercises. The anti-terror lockdown exercise, with all its build-up lies and schemes, serves to condition the minds of the people against the NPA and is being used as an excuse to conduct psychological warfare, intimidation and intelligence gathering against civilians, activists and legal democratic organizations in Davao City.

The thugs of Eastern Mindanao Command are already using Duterteís terror tagging of legal dissent to set the stage for an imminent crackdown with fake rebel surrenderees claiming to be members of progressive organizations or partylist groups.

The Filipino people are by no means surprised that, confronted by the swelling resistance to its anti-people policies such as the TRAIN Law and the sell-out of national and economic sovereignty to imperialist interests, the US-Duterte regime finds it necessary to conjure up the spectre of ìred terrorî as a scapegoat to intensify its fascist tyranny nationwide. But like the fallen strongman Marcos before him, Duterte is doomed to be swept away by the revolutionary tide of all forms of resistance by the Filipino people whose lives he has relentlessly made miserable every single day.

Meanwhile, let the US-Duterte regime and its maniacal armed forces cry wolf over imaginary antics of their own makingóno one is falling for their terror-mongering theatrics.

Regional Operations Command
NPA-Southern Mindanao

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