Paolo Dutertes resignation, a political ploy

Paolo Duterte’s resignation as Davao City Vice Mayor last month and the acceptance of his resignation by Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) President Rodrigo Duterte is a huge political ploy to cover up the on-going corruption and conspiracy of the Duterte family and their cronies, the big oligarchs, bourgeois compradors, big land lords, rotten traditional politicians, and warmongering generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Philippine National Police (AFP-PNP) as puppets of the Imperialist US.

Paolo Duterte supposedly submitted his resignation after his involvement in the smuggling of P6.4 billion-worth of shabu (crystal meth). His role was exposed along with his brother-in-law, and husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Manases Carpio when Bureau of Customs (BOC) fixer, Mark Taguba testified in a senate hearing regarding the drug smuggling in BOC, including the major role played by ex-Marine Captain Nicanor Faeldon as BOC Commissioner and his Deputy Commissioners namely ex-Army Captains Milo Maestrocampo and Gerardo Gambala. With this, Faeldon, Maestrocampo ang Gambala resigned.

Despite overwhelming evidence of their involvement in the drug smuggling, Duterte and Carpio were never prosecuted. In exchange for their silence, Faeldon and his cohorts were given new government positions in the midst of unanswered allegations.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Duterte continues his anti-drug façade while dismissing outright his familys involvement in drug smuggling and threatening further investigations. He nonchalantly denies his familys association with corruption in the government but continues to evade formal investigation of their ill-gotten wealth. As a cover up, his administration launched a campaign to fire corrupt officials but only against those who do not belong to his political clique. On the other hand, corrupt officials working for him are coddled and are even given incentives such as budget for infrastructure projects.

Duterte thinks that he can deceive the people by accepting his sons resignation. This is simply a political ploy to whitewash their crimes against the people. But no political gimmick can mislead the broad masses. The Filipino people are well aware of the accelerating number of deaths and extra-judicial killings, rampant human rights abuses and warmongering campaigns against the people amidst an aggravating neoliberal economic crisis.

The Filipino people have had enough of the US-Duterte regimes deception. They must continue their struggle to overthrow the fascist and tyrannical US-Duterte regime and further the triumphs of the national democratic revolution. The revolutionary movement in Southern Tagalog together with the marginalized and oppressed will forward the peoples revolution to greater victories and replace the current reactionary government with a Peoples Democratic Government that genuinely serves the peoples interests. ###

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