The imposition of martial law challenges the Mindanao peoples’ resistance

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The US-Duterte regime’s coercive re-extension of martial law in Mindanao is a dangerous machination. Duterte is inexcusably accountable for its atrocious and treacherous imposition. He has proven once more his subservience to his real bosses, the rapacious foreign monopoly capitalists.

Contrary to Duterte’s declaration that the martial law is necessary in fighting terrorism in Mindanao, the AFP and PNP are conspicuously intensifying their attacks against the civilians. With martial law, state terrorism is becoming even clearer in the extermination of social activists and bombardments of civilian communities to satisfy Duterte’s greed for power and facilitate imperialist encroachment.

The imposition of martial law challenges the Mindanao peoples’ resistance. More than ever, the people will pursue a much wider and more intense denunciation and struggle against the anti-people and pro-oligarchs fascist regime. The people’s revolutionary armed struggle becomes more necessary in defending democracy and national sovereignty. Moreover, the armed resistance of the Moro people and the Lumads is virtuously in position to defend their ancestral land and right to self-determination.

The revolutionary forces in Far South Mindanao are resolutely embracing their utmost task to lead and be one with the people in the struggle against all-out war of suppression and Duterte’s aim to establish a fascist dictatorship.

Ka Efren Aksasato
Spokesperson, NDF-FSMR

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