Baggao, Cagayan: AFP intelligence asset punished by NPA

Angelo “Buridek” Luis, an intelligence agent under the Military Inteligence Group of the AFP, was killed on Saturday by operatives of the Henry Abraham Command-NPA after attempting to escape arrest.

Luis was ordered arrested by the people’s revolutionary government to face charges of landgrabbing and murder filed against him at the people’s court. On December 2 at 7am, the NPA was about to arrest Luis at Barangay Awallan, Baggao, Cagayan when he attempted to escape and shoot at the arresting team.

The NPA confiscated two .45 caliber and one .22 caliber pistols; one BSL; and one M4 scope from Luis. Also found among his possessions were MIG files of high intelligence value.

Luis, who also serves as a Sangguniang Bayan of Baggao, Cagayan, aided the military operations in October 2011 at Barangay San Miguel, Baggao that led to the murder of four NPA fighters, including NPA commander Dominador “Ka Martin” Javier.###

Topics: Tactical Offensives, #US-Duterte
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