NPA Prisoner of War Catalan appeals for halt in military operations

The Mt. Apo Sub-Regional Command of the New People’s Army in Southern Mindanao today released a video footage of NPA Prisoner of War PO1 Bristol B. Catalan, Jr., who was arrested on August 16 in Kidapawan City.

In the video, POW Catalan (serial no. 132048) revealed that his perception about the Red Army was proven false by the Red fighters’ lenient and humane treatment of him.

“Ever since I have not seen a Red fighter… That’s why (when I was caught) I thought they would ill-treat me. But what I found out, it’s far from the truth. I did not receive even a single flick. They treated me well,” he said during one of his conversations with the Red fighters.

POW Catalan’s positive pronouncements about the NPA come in the heels of the release of another NPA prisoner of war SPO2 George Rupinta last September 15.

POW Catalan, who was assigned at Makilala Police Station, was arrested at around 7:10 am on August 16 in Brgy. Katipunan, Kidapawan City. A 9mm Gloc pistol was seized from him. He was promptly accorded the status prisoner of war.

In the video, POW Catalan assured his family of his well-being under the custody of the NPA. He appealed to the local government in Makilala town and in North Cotabato to help in his speedy release. He likewise called on the AFP and the PNP to halt their operations.

Rigoberto Sanchez, spokesperson of the Regional Operations Command of the NPA in Southern Mindanao, revealed that the relentless operations of the AFP and the PNP have hampered the judicial process concerning POW Catalan being undertaken by authorities of the People’s Democratic Government.

“First and foremost, the NPA ensures the welfare of POW Catalan in the midst of these offensive but ultimately futile operations. Negotiations with regards to his possible release are being sabotaged by these operations in the name of the Duterte’s fascist martial law.”

“As an army that adheres to international protocols and conventions, along with its own revolutionary discipline, the NPA in the region has consistently accorded lenient treatment to its prisoners. Meanwhile, the US-Duterte regime continues to subject political prisoners in dismal and inhumane conditions in cramped jails around the country,” pointed Sanchez.

He likewise divulged that NPA units around the region continue to launch offensive strikes against troops of the AFP and PNP, including paramilitaries such as the Alamara, and frustrate the brutal implementation of martial law in Mindanao.

“In allowing his US-indoctrinated reactionary armed forces to sow terror in Mindanao under martial law, Duterte has not only severed ties with the revolutionary movement but also made an enemy of the entire Filipino people. By his own doing, he is sure to push a swell of masses to take up arms against his murderous regime. The NPA welcomes all anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-bureaucrat capitalist forces in its ranks,” Sanchez concluded.

View his video here:

Below is the transcript of his video:


Ever since I have not seen a Red fighter… That’s why (when I was caught) I thought they would ill-treat me. But what I found out, it wasn’t true, it’s far from the truth. I did not receive even a single flick. They treated me well. When I had rheumatism, they gave me medicine for it.

I am PO1 Bristol Catalan, of the Makilala Police Station. My serial no. is 132048. I was arrested on August 16 in Brgy. Katipunan, Kidapawan City. They brought me to an NPA camp and did not harm me while under their custody. They gave me adequate food, and ensured I was comfortable. And to my family, please do not worry because I am well here in an NPA camp. Also, I am appealing to the local government to help in my immediate release. And to the AFP, I am also appealing for suspension of their operations, and to the PNP as well, to hasten my release from the custody of the NPA.


Sukad wa man pud ko kakita og NPA.. Gani ang… maong nakahuna-huna gyud ko nga ilaha gyud kong pasakitan. Pero ang nakita ko didto, wala man diay, layo diay sa tinuod. Ultimo pitik, wala man ko katilaw eh. Giatiman ka nila maayo, nagsakit akong rayuma, gitambalan ko.

Ako si PO1 Bristol Catalan, PNP sa Makilala Police Station. Serial No. nako is 132048. Nadakpan ko adtong August 16 diha sa Brgy. Katipunan, Kidapawan City. Gidala ako diri sa bukid ug wala nila ako gipasakitan, sa mga kamot sa NPA. Gipakaon nila ko og maayo, giplastar. Ug sa akong pamilya, dili sila magkabalaka kay maayo man ang akong kahimtang diri sa bukid. Gani nagapanawagan ako sa mga local government nga unta tabangan nila ako aron madali ang akong pagrelease diri sa bukid sa kamot sa mga New People’s Army. Ug sa AFP, nagapangayo pud ko nga unta, ihunong ang operation ug ang PNP nga ihunong pud ang operation aron madali ang akong release diri sa ibabaw sa bukid sa kamot sa mga New People’s Army.

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