On Eastern Visayas Regional Assembly

Renmin Malaya, Spokesperson
CNL National Executive Committee

6 July 2017

At the recent CNL 8th national congress the theme was “Persevere in attaining greater heights in the national democratic revolution with socialist perspective, intensify our participation in the people’s armed revolutionary struggle”.

We are so happy and grateful for the decision to come up with this historical milestone of CNL Eastern Visayas region that gave birth and contributed revolutionaries towards achieving the longed for national liberation. We salute CNL members from the region, both the living and the martyrs like Fr. Rudy Romano and Rev. Edison Lapuz for their heroic achievement of maintaining the correct line of struggle.

We need to address the minimal participation and support of the church sector both for armed revolution and open democratic mass movement. However, let us acknowledge and correct the current trend in our method of revolutionary work especially the slow recruitment process hence the minimal increase in membership. At the national congress , it was found out the need and put emphasis to increase our ranks among Roman Catholic lay, priests and nuns which in the past contributed greatly to the advancement of the revolution.

Let us enhance ecumenical partnerships from various faith denominations in the region to increase CNL membership. There is a need also to address our weaknesses by coming up a CNL EV summing-up of its revolutionary work in the past 15 years, identify our errors, derive lessons that will guide our aspiration to attain “greater heights in the national democratic revolution”….

We hope that this regional assembly will energize the EV-CNL members to follow the tradition of the martyrs and CNL heroes who have sacrificed and gone before us. In their honor we pledge our commitment and allegiance to the moral emancipation of the poor.

Long live the Christians for National Liberation – Eastern Visayas


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