Martial Law in Mindanao: Atrocities and fake news

Communist Party of the Philippines

27 May 2017

On March 23, 10 p.m., officials of the Duterte regime announced GRP Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration placing the entire Mindanao under martial rule while in Moscow at 5 p.m. (Russian time). Since then, progressive organizations, concerned agencies and ordinary individuals have documented increasing cases of atrocities and human rights violations, including aerial bombings of civilian communities. Bearing the brunt of these bombings are the residents of Marawi City which the AFP have overran with armed personnel and tanks. Undemocratic measures, such as checkpoints, searches and arbitrary detentions, are intensified in Davao City and other centers of Mindanao. The violations are as follows:

#NotoMartialLaw #StoptheBombings #LiftMartialLawNow

Day 10, June 02

Shin Sun workers’ picket dispersed by combined AFP and PNP forces, 15 workers arrested.

More than 150 B’laan families or around 1,000 individuals have evacuated to the barangay center of Barangay Colonsabac, Matan-ao, Davao del Sur since May 30, 2017 due to massive military operations by the 39th IBPA.

Day 9, June 01

11 soldiers killed in airstrikes.

46th IBPA illegally arrested a farmer, Cesario de Rosa in Compostella Valley.

Day 8, May 31

Air strike in Sirawai town, Zamboanga del Norte by 42nd Infantry Battalion.

Duterte to NDF Consultants: Do not attempt to come home. I will arrest all of you and throw you to the slammer.

Davao City government orders Barangay Captains to check on visitors, new faces.

Lorenzana: We can defeat Maute without Martial Law.

Restituto Padilla: Military can recommend extension of Martial Law.

Day 7, May 30

Farmer couple Kidjol Marcelo Antay Sr. and Noeme Antay were illegally arrested by combined elements of 60th IBPA and BAGANI force in Barangay Andap, Laak, Compostela Valley.

Day 6, May 29

Aerial bombing in Barangay Kimlawis, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur.

Continued indiscriminate bombing in Marawi City.

Iligan City lockdown.

Day 5, May 28

Mira Digaynon, Mandaya woman from Baganga, Davao Oriental was killed by 67th IBPA elements.

On May 24, Daniel Lasid, a Barangay Kagawad in Matanao, Davao del Sur was killed by 39th IBPA.

Day 4, May 27

Panay units send in initial reports of intensified widespread 3rd ID, PA combat operations on May 23 in Maasin, Alimodian, Leon, Tubungan, Igbaras, and Miag-ao, all in Iloilo, Sibalom and San Remegio in Antique and Tapaz in Capiz.

Tacloban city government put up checkpoints in entry and exit points for arbitrary searches supposedly “in solidarity with the declaration of martial law.” Said checkpoints will stay for the duration of martial law in Mindanao.

AFP carries out “surgical airstrikes” in Marawi using guided rockets fired from helicopters, hitting civilian homes, including that of a lawman

Curfew implemented in Kabacan, Cotabato, requiring citizens to carry “identification cards” at all times.

Elements of 66th IB who occupied the premises of Shin Sun Company in Compostela, Comval Province since May 26, barged into the picketline of the striking workers today (May 27) and threatened the workers that their “illegal” strike will be dispersed tomorrow (May 28) as ordered by their higher command.

KMP reports two peasant leaders arrested by 66th IB, PA in Maragusan, Compostela Valley.

Residents discover bodies of dead civilians inside homes destroyed by military air strikes in Marawi.

Restituto Padilla clarifies that the AFP “will enforce the law uniformly such that all violators of the law, regardless of group affiliations, will be dealt with accordingly.” This is after announcing “peace-inclined groups such as the MILF, MNLF and the NPA will not be affected by the ongoing military operations.”

Day 3, May 26

AFP aerial bombing by MG250 attack helicopters, shelling by 105 Howitzer cannons, firing by .50 cal machine gun in Sitios Pedtobawan, Campo, Apulan, and Centro in Brgy Salat, So. Libpas, Brgy. Tuael, all in President Roxas, and Brgys. Tangkulan and Anggaan in Dumulog, Bukidnon. One civilian killed, 5 wounded, more than 2,000 affected. This is 90 kilometers from Marawi.

Duterte to MLBT2: Trabaho lang kayo, ako na ang bahala… Pagnaka-rape ka ng tatlo, aminin ko na akin ‘yon [Just go to work, I’ll take charge… if you rape three, I’ll take the blame]…During martial law, your commanders, you can arrest any person, search any house, wala nang warrant. Kagaya noon, ASSO lang [no more warrant. Like before, just ASSO (Arrest Search and Seizure Order].

Restituto Padilla, AFP spokesperson, announces AFP will exercise the right to censure (sic), especially in social media. To netizens: control of posts in social media necessary.

Police Regional Office 11: Leaders and organizers of “anti-goverment” rallies will be arrested, more so if this will cause public disturbance. Under Martial Law, the writ of habeas corpus is suspended and they can directly arrest anyone who breaks the law.

News outlet GMA7 clarifies that Amay Pakpak Medical Center was never overrun by the Maute group, contrary to AFP report of a takeover on May 24

Day 2, May 25

Task Force Davao and PNP launched Oplan Bulabog at Brgy. 23-C, Davao City arresting 260 civilians only because they could not present IDs.

Davao City government releases 30-point guidelines for the curtailment of civil liberties.

1,800 families from Marawi who have evacuated since May 22 to the municipality of Sagiuaran, Lanao del Sur are suffering from hunger despite availability of food supply from DSWD because of tight and strict military checkpoints.

30 women composed of Lumad, women, Moro, pastors and churchworkers who gathered for an ecumenical forum were put under interrrogation for an hour by 6th Marine Landing Battalion in Brgy. Domulon, Sulatan Kudarat.

LaSurECo (Lanao del Sur Electric Company) management clarifies that the Lasureco office was never overran by the Maute, contrary to AFP report.

Sr Inspector Romeo Enriquez, Police Chief, Malabang, Lanao del Sur clarifies that he was never beheaded by the Maute, contraty to Duterte declaration

Day 1, May 24

Massive bombing of Marawi City, 1 child killed. Disorganized, massive evacuation of civilians ensue.

Shelling and bombing in Matanao, Davao del Sur, more than 120 kilometers from Marawi.

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