Renmin Malaya, Spokesperson
CNL National Executive Committee

24 April 2017

The entire membership of the Christians for National Liberation (CNL) extends its heartfelt solidarity greetings to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the occasion of NDFP’s 45th founding anniversary, as it also pays earnest tribute to all our fallen comrades in the revolution who selflessly offered their own lives in the service of the people.

The NDFP’s 45th founding anniversary comes at a time of tremendous challenges especially as it takes the lead role in the peace negotiations with the Philippine government, which thus far have reached milestone pacts. The threats of militarism and fascism have never succeeded in stifling the solid commitment of the revolutionary movement in its pursuit of justice, freedom and genuine and lasting peace.

We therefore, laud the efforts of the NDFP as we also reaffirm our rock-solid vow to engage in all political and revolutionary tasks towards the attainment of our vision for a truly democratic Philippine society.

We commit to support all calls and will work closely with fellow revolutionary organizations in the noble task of waging war against imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism until its last vestige is shrunken away.

Our profoundest salute to all our comrades in the NDFP and the 17 Allied ND organizations !

Long Live the NDR with a Socialist Perspective !
Long Live the NDFP!
Long Live the struggle of the Filipino People !

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