Statement of Christians for National Liberation on the collapse of the Peace Talks between the GRP and the NDFP

The nation is greatly downcast and we lament with the Filipino people over the collapse of the peace talks between the government and the NDFP.

With Rodrigo Duterte’s one-sided declaration that the Philippine government is pulling out of the talks and the military’s threat of an all-out war against the CPP-NPA, the people’s yearning for a lasting peace had obviously been suppressed. The collapse was made worse by Duterte’s cancellation of the JASIG and his pronouncement that the NDF consultants and those political prisoners who were released to join the peace talks will be rearrested and detained upon arrival to the Philippines. Such acts are not from the very start sincere and true to their own promise and commitment.

These unfortunate developments teach us a lesson – that we cannot really trust this President, even as he repeatedly calls himself a socialist and a leftist. He has to demonstrate in concrete terms that he is worthy of the trust given by millions of Filipinos.

We have reasons to doubt Duterte’s sincerity Hence, we echo the words in Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice. But when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

We therefore condemn Duterte’s unilateral declaration of the collapse of peace talks and call on both sides to resume the talks instead, as it will certainly lead to greater heights of instability. After all, the talks can continue despite the suspension of ceasefire, having in mind the greater interest of the majority of Filipinos.

We further call on Duterte to heed the sentiments of the people instead of just taking on marching orders from his military advisers and anti-people cohorts.

On another level, we appeal to our fellow Christian revolutionaries not to lose heart and remain steadfast in our desire for just and lasting peace. Let us keep our acts together in our continuing struggle for freedom and democracy!

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