On the plan to set-up National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict

The plan to set-up “National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict” shows the Duterte regime is using counter insurgency as pretext to exercise de-facto martial law powers nationwide civilian officials are under pressure to “operate” by the AFP under pain of being red-tagged, as well as by threats of being included in Duterte’s made-up narco list. Local government officials and the entire bureaucracy are being made to bow to the military. The aim is to silence all legit opposition to Duterte’s corruption and power abuse and make everyone fall in line to his authoritarian regime. This is part of Duterte’s scheme to rig the May elections to favor his candidate as preparation for establishing a “federal system” as facade for his fascist dictatorship.

As a counter-insurgency measure the so-called Task Force will fail to stop the continued advance of the armed struggle. Duterte’s task force is a cesspool of corruption where he gives top military officials the chance to dip their corrrupt fingers and get their share under Duterte’s bureaucrat capitalist rule.