Celebrate five decades of revolutionary struggles and victories!

In line with the CPP's upcoming celebration of its 50th anniversary, the PRWC is putting online documents, statements, publications, artwork and other materials which the Party and revolutionary forces have produced over the past five decades. We urge everyone who has archives of old material to scan these and share them with us!

Resist China efforts to impose imperialist power on the Philippines

November 20, 2018

The November 20-21 visit of China President Xi Jinping form part of the overall effort of China to impose its dominance in the Philippines. Like the US imperialists, China conceals its imperialist aims with such ideals as “enhancing dialogue” and “all-round cooperation.” In fact, China is pushing its imperialist weight and imposing its power on the country. As an imperialist power, China considers the Philippines as strategically important under its geo-political design and overall economic aims. China aims to weaken […]

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Inii­pit ni Du­ter­te ang Pi­li­pi­nas sa nag-uum­pu­gang im­per­ya­lis­tang ba­to

Nag­pa­ha­yag kamakailan si Rodrigo Du­ter­te ng GRP ng pag­ka­ba­ha­la sa po­si­bi­li­dad na su­mik­lab ang ar­ma­dong sa­gu­pa­an sa pa­gi­tan ng US at Chi­na sa South Chi­na Sea (SCS). Diu­ma­no, “ha­wak na” ng Chi­na ang na­tu­rang ka­ra­ga­tan at nag-uud­yok lamang ng kontra-ak­syon ni­to ang mga ini­lu­lun­sad na “mi­li­tary drill” ng US. Mag­du­ru­sa raw ang Pi­li­pi­nas sa­ka­ling su­mik­lab […]


AUDIO | Duterte's confessions

AUDIO | Porferio Tuna on Martial Law

Ang Bayan Editorial | October 21, 2018

Every field and mountain in the vast Philippine countryside is marked by poverty and hunger. The poor peasants, farm workers and toiling masses suffer relentless exploitation and oppression. Theirs is an intense aspiration to end more than one century of semifeudalism which are virtual fetters of the past and barriers to social liberation.

CPP50: Mga Sangay ng Partido
Pag­pa­pan­day ng Par­ti­do sa Per­yo

Ang artikulong ito ay ambag ng mga myembro ng Partido sa rehiyon ng NCR sa serye ng Ang Bayan (AB) tungkol sa mga tampok na karanasan sa pagbubuo ng mga sangay ng Partido sa iba’t ibang larangan ng rebolusyonaryong gawain. Nananawagan ang patnugutan ng AB sa iba pang komite ng Partido na mag-ambag sa seryeng […]


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Buong sigasig na ipagdiwang ang
ika-50 taon ng Partido

Gugunitain ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) ang ika-50 anibersaryo ng pagtatatag nito sa darating na Disyembre 26. Sa mga susunod na bu- wan, ilunsad natin ang masigla at malawak na kampanya para ipagdiwang ang natamong mga tagumpay ng uring manggagawa at sambayanang Pilipino sa limang dekadang pagsusulong ng mga rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka sa gabay ng Partido.

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Great Achievements of the CPP in 50 Years of Waging Revolution

(Author´s Note: As founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, I have been asked by academic, journalist and activist friends and many other people to evaluate the CPP in the last 50 years and describe its current situation and prospects. All of them are anticipating the fast approaching golden anniversary of the CPP. […]


On the Imperialist Cultural Offensive (A Keynote for the Commission 14 Workshop)

Colleagues and friends! It is my pleasure and honor to speak on the imperialist cultural offensive before this workshop to help set the framework for the topic “People’s Cultural Resistance Against Imperialist Cultural Offensive.” Indeed, a long-standing war exists between imperialism and oppressed peoples in the cultural arena. This has been ongoing ever since colonial […]


Overthrow the US-Marcos Dictatorship to Achieve National Freedom and Democracy

The essence of the formal declaration of martial law through Proclamation No. 1081 is the brazen imposition of the US-Marcos dictatorship on the entire Filipino nation and people. This proclamation is in effect the formal declaration of civil war by the US-Marcos clique against the broad masses of the people. At the same time, it […]