Ang Bayan March 29, 2019

Boldly intensify guerrilla warfare and wage all-out resistance against the US-Duterte fascist regime! Carry forward the people’s war to greater heights!

Message of the CPP Central Committee on the occasion of the NPA's 50th Anniversary

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On Duterte’s success in rigging the elections

May 13, 2019

As I have predicted, Duterte is successful in rigging the May 13 elections to deliver to his candidates a false victory in the crucial senatorial race. As I have pointed out, he has to rig the elections because he has the power and the criminal personality and motivation to do so because clean and honest elections would have allowed the opposition senatorial candidates to win and frustrate his greed for power and plunder. The rigging included the deployment of huge […]

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Editorial May 7, 2019

La­ba­nan ang pa­ka­nang da­ya­in ni Du­ter­te ang elek­syon

Da­pat ma­hig­pit na mag­kai­sa at mag­han­da ang ma­la­wak na ma­sa ng ma­ma­ma­yang Pi­li­pi­no, la­hat ng ka­ni­lang pat­ri­yo­ti­ko at de­mok­ra­ti­kong pwer­sa, opo­si­syong pu­li­ti­kal at iba pang sek­tor pa­ra la­ba­nan ang is­ke­ma ng pa­sis­tang re­hi­meng Du­ter­te na da­ya­in ang na­pi­pin­tong elek­syo­n. Kai­la­ngang da­ya­in ni Du­ter­te ang da­ra­ting na elek­syon da­hil wa­lang tsan­sang ma­na­lo ang mas marami sa […]

Ang Bayan Feature: Ang Pagtatayo ng KRB sa Barangay Sugar

Sa okasyon ng ika-46 na anibersaryo ng NDFP, panoorin ang feature ng Ang Bayan sa pagtatayo ng KRB sa barangay Sugar!

CPP50: Mga Sangay ng Partido

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Great Achievements of the CPP in 50 Years of Waging Revolution

(Author´s Note: As founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, I have been asked by academic, journalist and activist friends and many other people to evaluate the CPP in the last 50 years and describe its current situation and prospects. All of them are anticipating the fast approaching golden anniversary of the CPP. […]


On the Imperialist Cultural Offensive (A Keynote for the Commission 14 Workshop)

Colleagues and friends! It is my pleasure and honor to speak on the imperialist cultural offensive before this workshop to help set the framework for the topic “People’s Cultural Resistance Against Imperialist Cultural Offensive.” Indeed, a long-standing war exists between imperialism and oppressed peoples in the cultural arena. This has been ongoing ever since colonial […]


Overthrow the US-Marcos Dictatorship to Achieve National Freedom and Democracy

The essence of the formal declaration of martial law through Proclamation No. 1081 is the brazen imposition of the US-Marcos dictatorship on the entire Filipino nation and people. This proclamation is in effect the formal declaration of civil war by the US-Marcos clique against the broad masses of the people. At the same time, it […]