Response to Bello’s claim that martial law is not against the NPA

May 25, 2017 Communist Party of the Philippines

GRP chief negotiator Silvestre Bello III insists that the CPP made an error in calling on the New People’s Army to intensify its tactical offensives against the AFP. He claims the declaration of martial law in Mindanao is not against the NPA.

Not only is Duterte’s martial law against the NPA, it is against the people in general. It curtails the people’s civil and political rights. It curtails their freedom of movement and other freedoms. Martial law transfers these freedoms to the military and subjects the people to abuse. Under martial law, it is the military, these notorious abusers of human rights, who rule.

In Davao City, with its overzealous martial law supporter Mayor Sarah Duterte, people in their communities are being rounded up. Close to three hundred people have already been arbitrarily arrested by the military for failing to comply with the arbitrary rules imposed by the military and the militarist-minded bureaucrats. Duterte’s martial law is bound to be worse than its Oplan Tokhang.

With these stringent policies, Duterte is demonstrating that under his martial law, everyone is a suspect until they can prove otherwise. As every Filipino knows, especially the poor and ...

Imprastrukturang pondo ng dayuhan, di hiling ng bayan Editorial, Ang Bayan May 21, 2017

Wa­lang ti­gil ang mga tek­nok­ra­ta ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te sa po­si­ti­bong pag­la­la­ra­wan ng pag­su­long ng eko­nom­ya ng Pi­li­pi­nas sa mga da­ra­ting na taon sa ila­lim ng ti­na­gu­ri­an ni­lang “gi­ni­nun­tu­ang pa­na­hon ng imprastruk­tu­ra”. Igi­ni­gi­it ni­la na ang ma­la­king pa­mu­mu­hu­nan sa konstruk­syon ng mga kal­sa­da, ri­les, dau­ngan, dam at engkla­bo sa pag­ga­wa ay …

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Duterte regime’s martial law will further isolate it from the people
May 25, 2017 Communist Party of the Philippines
Response to Bello’s claim that martial law is not against the NPA
May 25, 2017 Communist Party of the Philippines
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